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Care of your living Christmas tree

Visit Squak Mt. today to select from an excellent assortment of firs and spruces that can be used as a Christmas tree indoors and then planted permanently in your landscape.  These make wonderful living reminders of Christmas for your family , as you enjoy the tree in your garden in the coming years.

Keeping a living tree alive is easy if a few rules are followed.

  1. Keep the root ball moist. Put water on the root ball approximately every two days (more frequently for large trees). We recommend putting the root ball in two plastic garbage bags to protect your home’s floor.
  2. Acclimatize the tree. When bringing your tree into your home, put it into a cool garage for a couple days first.  When returning the tree to the outdoors, use the garage as a transition zone for a couple days again.
  3. The fewer days in your warm home, the better.  Ten days is the absolute maximum.
  4. Keep your tree away from heating vents and fireplaces.
  5. If the weather is cold (32 F or lower) when you are ready to plant your tree, keep it in the garage until the weather moderates. Rapid, harsh temperature changes can hurt your live tree.  If it is raining outside that is an excellent time to return the tree to the outdoors, because you know it cannot be freezing.
  6. Plant your tree as soon as you take it outside. Don’t leave the tree unplanted as the root ball can freeze or dry out.
  7. Your living tree should be planted no deeper then the top of the root ball.  Leave the burlap on when planting.  Finally, insure that you cut any twine that encircles the trunk, after you have stabilized the root ball with soil in your planting.

Squak Mt. is unable to guarantee living trees that are brought indoors due to the numerous variables.

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