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Welcome Home with Camellias

As family and guests congregate in your home this holiday season, greet them with the colorful blooms of winter blooming camellias.  Camellias are evergreen shrubs that are well adapted to large outdoor containers or the landscape.  Varieties in the sasanqua family begin to bloom in December and January.  Their cheerful flowers are available in tones of pink, white and red.  Our staff’s favorite is ‘Yuletide’ (shown here), with its radiant red single blooms persisting up to two months, even during the cool and wet of winter.   If you love pink, consider ‘Pink a Boo’, which features a similar style bloom to ‘Yuletide’. Their colorful flower petals encircle a beautiful golden center.  Both feature deep green glossy leaves on plants that can grow 8’-10’ tall and wide in a garden bed.


When planting a camellia on your front porch or patio, we recommend using a container 24” in diameter or larger. Use our quality potting soil for proper drainage and a few handfuls or our organic Organobloom fertilizer, which is beloved by all acid loving plants.  A camellia will be very happy in a pot for three years or more.  They provide attractive foliage and texture year round to your container, which can be under planted with seasonal color, such as pansies, for extra appeal.  At some point they may become root bound and you may choose to repot into a larger container, or plant the camellia permanently in your landscape.  Squak Mt. has a beautiful crop of camellias in many colors available for your consideration.  Here are varieties we are currently featuring at Squak Mt. Nursery.  Supplies are limited.


Japonicas Bloom Color Mature Size
Alexander Hunter crimson, semi-double 10′ x 3-6′
Kramer’s Supreme deep red, double 6-8′
Nuccio’s Gem white, double 6-8′
Swan Lake white, double, ex. large 6-8′
Nuccio’s Pearl white edged, orchid pink 6-8′
Nuccio’s Bella Rosa crimson red, double 6-8′
Tom Knudsen dark red w/ deep red veining, double 6-8′
Magnoliae Flora blush pink, semi double 6-8′
Sasaquas Bloom Color Mature Size
Apple Blossom white edged in cerise red 10′
Cleopatra Rose pink, semi double 8-10’/12 yrs.
Fairy Blush deep pink buds, delicate scent, single 4-5′
Jean May shell pink, double 10′
Kanjro rose pink edged rose red, single  
Pink a Boo deep pink, single 4-8′
Setsugekka white, single 10-12′ x 6′-8′
Shishi Gashira hot pink, semi double 4-5′ x 6-8′
Showa-No-Sakae soft pink, semi-double 4-5′ x 6-8′
Ice Angels Bloom Color Mature Size
April Remembered cream to pink, semi-double 6-8′
Spring’s Promise rose-red, single 6-8′

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