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Squak Special! Clematis

Clematis now only $9.98


Regularly $14.98 to $19.98 each


No additional discounts.

1 gallon pots. Choose from select varieties.

While supplies last.  Expires 9/30/13.



Brighten a fence or wall with the brilliant blooms of a clematis.  Planting in fall allows the plant to begin to get established now. Remember to use our ‘Start Right’ (organic transplant starter) on the roots to optimize transplanting.  You will find that these deciduous vines thrive in the spring and put on a great show for your enjoyment next summer.  Here are the varieties we are featuring today:



Variety Flower Length
Aljonushka Pink 5-6’, dwarf
Barbara Jackman Lavender with bright magenta bars 8’
Fascination Bell shaped dark violet bloom 5-6’
Girenas Light pink with red / purple center 10-15’
H.F. Young Sky blue 7’
Honora Violet / purple 10-15’
Pink Champagne Deep pink edge, fades to white 6-8’
Vancouver Danielle Deep purple with red tips 8’
Voluceau Red 4-6’

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