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Queen Arrives

Clematis, known as the queen of flowering vines, will be at Squak Mt. once again this spring. A recent addition to the Squak Mt. collection is the Raymond Evison clematis. Developing varieties for decades in Great Britain, Mr. Evison is one of the world’s premiere clematis growers.  This year Squak Mt. will be carrying several of the clematis he has developed. One such clematis is the ‘Cezanne’. Blooming from spring to late summer, this striking clematis features blue flowers with a yellow center.  ‘Cezanne’ is also compact in height, growing only 3-4 ft high by 2 ft. wide.

‘Cezanne’ and many other clematis featured at Squak Mt. are particularly striking when planted in a container.  Insure your pot is at least 18” in width. To plant, place your clematis along with a small trellis or obelisk in your pot. Use potting soil amended with our organic ‘Bouquet’ fertilizer. The root crown should be covered by about 1” of potting soil.  Place clematis in sun to part shade conditions and water deeply throughout the summer. Also insure you plant other plants around the clematis to provide shade for the clematis’ root system.  Pairing with annuals such as ivy geraniums, dragon wing begonia, or calibrachoa will provide incredible bloom power all summer. Come in to Squak Mt. today to check out our fantastic collection of Raymond Evison clematis, decorative trellis’ and containers to bring vertical interest and color to your patio or landscape this summer.

Here are some of the Raymond Evison varieties we are featuring at Squak Mt. this spring:

Clematis ‘R. Envison’ Variety


Cezanne Blue with yellow center
Fleuri Deep purple
Diamantina Blue double flowers
Ice Blue White, with hint of blue
Josephine Double pink
Picardy Red / purple


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