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Fothergilla – For All Seasons

Celebrate every season in your garden on this low maintenance shrub, fothergilla.  Sometimes called “Witch Alder”, these slow growing deciduous plants grow in sun or shade, but provide the most vibrant leaf colors with more sun. Delightfully pest free, fothergilla also is not eaten by deer and rabbits.

Early Spring – Fragrant creamy white bottle bush style blooms.  Beloved by pollinators.

Summer – Attractive blue-green scalloped foliage

Autumn – Remarkable blend of fall leaf colors in red, orange, yellow and crimson

Here are our favorite varieties of fothergilla:

Fothergilla gardenii: The smallest of the witch alders. 2-3’ tall and wide.

‘Blue Shadow’:  Icy blue-green foliage in summer. 4-6’ tall and wide.

‘Mt Airy’:  A selection from the Mt. Airy Arboretum in Cincinnati, Ohio by horticulturist, Michael Dirr. Proflic blooms. 5-6’ tall and wide.

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