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Forsythia ‘Magical Gold’

Forsythia Magical GoldBright yellow flowers carry the promise of warmer days on a favorite harbinger of spring, Forsythia. After the monochromatic colors of winter, this sturdy deciduous shrub’s blooms are sure to bring a song to your heart.


This spring Squak Mt is pleased to offer ‘Magical Gold’ for your landscape. Originally bred for the florist industry, ‘Magical Gold’ is a smaller, more compact form. Growing to only 5’ tall and 4’ wide, ‘Magical Gold’ will fit in any landscape. The deep golden yellow flowers are dense, covering the branch from base to tip.


After the blooms are completed, prune out the old wood on your forsythia.  The fresh green branches will make a bright, dramatic backdrop for summer flowering perennials. Preferring a sunny location, ‘Magical Gold’ forsythia will grow in most any soil condition. ‘Magical Gold’ forsythia makes an excellent cut flower, and branches will continue to bloom inside in a vase of water. Come select your favorite early blooming shrubs at Squak Mt. today to hasten the arrival of spring.

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