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‘Cavatine’ Lily of the Valley Shrub

One of the very best Lily of the Valley Shrub varieties we have grown, you will be delighted with the dependable and beautiful year round interest that ‘Cavatine’ brings to your garden.  This evergreen, compact shrub growsabout 3 to 4 feet tall and wide at maturity.  In winter its flower buds add colorful contrast against the dark green leaves.  In early spring white bloom bell shaped blooms cover the plant.  Consider using ‘Cavatine’ as an informal hedge, as a container plant, or in mixed borders in front of taller shrubs.  Pieris grow easily in partial sun conditions, but will also thrive in full sun if you provide deep watering during the dry spells we have each summer.  Visit Squak Mt. today and add ‘Cavatine’, a low maintenance, cold hardy (to -10 F) shrub to your landscape.

Note: We have a coupon special for Pieris ‘Cavatine’ advertised in our “GreenThumber” newsletter mailed to homes this week.   Bring in your coupon to save today.  Regularly $11.98, you pay only $7.98 for each.  Limit 5 per household.   If you are not on our mailing list stop by today to sign up and get the latest edition (with a coupon you can use).  Limited supply of plants are available.

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