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‘Burgundy Wine’

Graceful foliage and spectacular color have quickly made ‘Burgundy Wine’ Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina) a favorite of our design team. Heavenly Bamboo is not related to bamboo, thus it does not spread and is easy to care for.  These evergreen shrubs are ideal for use in the landscape or in containers. ‘Burgundy Wine’ grows 3 feet high and wide and has lacy green foliage.  In spring the new growth emerges as an attractive burgundy color, contrasting beautifully with older leaves.  In fall it turns brilliant red tones. The red foliage lasts through the fall months before turning a bronzy purple for the winter months.  Heavenly bamboo is very adaptable and can be grown in sunny or shady locations.


In a mixed border, ‘Burgundy Wine’ pairs up nicely with Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia), asters, and other late blooming perennials. When planting in containers try complimenting it with a brightly variegated evergreen grass (ex. Carex ‘Evergold’) and pansies for months of nonstop color. Also, under plant with bulbs that will emerge in spring and bloom in tones of purple or blue. (ex. Crocus ‘Flower Record’).  Come see ‘Burgundy Wine’ and many other shrubs that boast attractive fall color at Squak Mt. today.

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