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The Roses of David Austin

Working closely with David Austin English Roses, Squak Mt. has been designated our region’s “Premier Partner”.  In this role we are allocated with the best new arrivals to the U.S. each year.  We are pleased to unveil:

Boscobel, with it’s beautifully formed flowers in a rich salmon color, has a top note of myrrh, with undertones of hawthorn, and faint undertones of elderflower, pear and almond. Boscobel begins as red buds, unfurl into a beautiful salmon color. The opening cups flourish into a perfect rosette bloom. This upright shrub rose will grow to be 3’ tall by 2.5’ wide. Glossy green foliage round out this healthy, disease resistant rose. Plant in a location where you will be able to enjoy it’s heady scent, such as a front walkway or near a deck or patio. (A 2014 introduction)

Munstead Wood, features deep, velvety, crimson blooms and a strong old rose fragrance.  Munstead will be the perfect rose to pair with Boscobel.  They grow the same size and the deep colored blooms provide a perfect backdrop to the salmon blooms of Boscobel. Munstead Wood sold out instantly at Squak Mt. in 2013, its  introductory year to the U.S.  This year we are able to offer more plants, so rose aficionados can add this beauty to their collection.

There are two additional 2014 English Rose introductions of note.  Tranquility blossoms are pure white rounded rosette with a tangy apple scent.  Heathcliff, boasts a deep crimson with a tightly formed rosette shaped flower. Both of these roses are vigorous and disease resistant. In addition to their stunning beauty, you will be delighted to discover that English roses are cold hardy and easy to grow.

Featuring more than 60 varieties from David Austin, we invite you to select your favorites today at Squak Mt.

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