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Rugosa Roses

Rugosa-roseHeavenly fragrance and superb performance can both be enjoyed in your summer garden. Consider adding Rugosa roses which you will be delighted to discover are tough as nails, reliable, cold hardy, low maintenance, and naturally disease resistant.


Rugosa roses come from the mountain slopes of Japan. In light of their natural habitat they are accustomed to rocky, sandy, infertile soils, little water; and no pruning. Rugosa roses are naturally disease resistant and will not contract black spot.


Here in the greater Seattle area you will see Rugosa roses growing along freeways, in parks, and along city streets and parking lots. They are popular in these spots because they require little to no maintenance and tolerate inhospitable growing conditions. In spite of all these challenges Rugosa roses will bloom continuously from May-September, perfuming the air with their heavenly fragrance. Remarkably these roses are also deer resistant.  Come select your favorite colors of rugosa roses at Squak Mt. today.

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