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Drift Roses: Easy and Pleasing

Lauded for their easy care and cascading profusion of blooms, Drift Roses are sure to please in any sunny landscape.  A cross between a groundcover rose and miniature rose, Drifts have the disease resistance and cold hardiness of a groundcover rose and the profuse, repeat blooms of a miniature.

I don’t grow roses… but I love my ‘Peach Drift’!” – Linda in Issaquah

Low growing and spreading to create a carpet of lush color, Drift Roses need very little care. Simply apply organic fertilizer in March, May, and July and a consider give them a light pruning on the top and sides in March. Drift roses will grow to 1.5’ tall by 2’ wide, and blooms profusely from May until October.  Plant them as low hedges, along a garden border, or in mixed perennial beds.

Join our co-worker Linda, in discovering that caring for roses at home can be simple and very rewarding. Squak Mt.’s rose crop features apricot, peach, white, red and soft pink Drift varieties. Come select your favorites today.



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