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David Austin English Roses

Colorful blooms and irresistible fragrance are the delight of every garden.  English roses provide perhaps the best combination of these traits. They spill out of containers and tumble over garden walls and arbors. They will also blend in a perennial garden, form an informal hedge or be used as a ground cover.  Always, their fragrance lures you closer. Their blooms feature delicate, satin smooth petals, too numerous to count.  Here is the story of how they have made the journey to our own backyards.

Old World roses have been treasured for centuries and the English Crusaders first brought them home to England to grace their castle walls. These roses tend to be more disease resistant and easier to prune and maintain than most modern hybrid tea roses, which are bred for use as cut roses in bouquets.  Several decades ago, a nurseryman in England, David Austin, set out to create rose varieties that maintained all the beauty, fragrance and form of Old roses, while adding the desirable attribute of continuous blooms in a multitude of colors. To the delight of gardeners worldwide he achieved his goal and an entire family of roses, known as David Austin English roses, is available for our enjoyment today.

Squak Mt. Nursery has been selected as a Premier Partner of David Austin Roses in our region, allowing us to grow varieties many other nurseries cannot obtain.  The selection of English roses has been greatly expanded for 2011 in our homegrown rose crop.  Our staff would enjoy the opportunity to share with you the best ways to integrate these roses throughout your landscape.  Come select your favorites today so that you may enjoy their intoxicating fragrance and full-petaled lush flowers this summer in your own garden.


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