Trees are single stemmed woody plants.  They are either deciduous, losing their leaves seasonally, or evergreen, holding leaves and color year round.  Conifer trees make our state the evergreen state.  Deciduous trees can change color in the autumn, adding another dimension to the garden.  Fruit trees bear flowers in the spring and food to eat in the late summer and fall.  Shade trees cool the garden in summer and shed their leaves so the sun can warm the ground in winter.  Flowering trees add color and beauty to the yard during their spring or summer bloom periods.

Lollipops, triangles, pencils, fountains, star catchers, soloist and choir members; trees add unique shapes, structure and character to the garden landscape.  With well over 1,000 trees for you to consider, Squak Mt Nursery carries our area’s largest collection of premium quality trees.  You will find the ideal varieties suitable for containers, small yards or larger properties.

Our nursery features trees that are large enough to make an instant impact as your yard, as fully branched and well developed plants.  They are also small enough to still be moved and planted by homeowners.  Our staff is always happy to assist you with planting tips, loading your vehicle or making home deliveries.


Fruit Trees

We have our area’s best selection of fruit trees.  From Apples to Plums, Squak Mt. Nursery is pleased to offer dozens of to allow you to grow the best tasting and healthiest food for your family.

 Looking for a tree with special parameters?  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to guide you.  You can also use our online Plant Finder tool, which pictures mature trees and gives useful growth information about the plants that we have at Squak Mt.