Shrubs & Vines


Softening the edges of our gardens are shrubs and vines.  They can fill in the gaps, grab your attention when they flower and fill the air with perfume.  Shrubs are woody plants with multiple stems.  They are either deciduous, losing their leaves in the fall or evergreen, holding their foliage year round.  The cast of characters is vast and broad, from robust glossy leaved English laurel and blossom waving buddleia to well mannered nandinas that blush in the fall and luxurious mophead hydrangeas.

Vines have limber stems the give them the ability to wander happily on vertical surfaces, to cover an arbor or trellis and even be a ground cover.  Some are evergreen; some have lovely perfumed flowers, some turn brilliant red in the fall before shedding their leaves.   

Whether looking for large or small, seasonal interest or permanent visual foundations, flowering or not, Squak Mt Nursery has a wonderful collection of shrubs and vines that changes as the seasons progress.  Showcasing

 each shrub and vine when it is just beginning to be at its peak of garden beauty makes it possible for you to see what color the rhododendron blossom will be, for you to smell the sweet scent of witch hazel and for you to ascertain the texture and size of a fully leaved plant.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to assist and inspire you as you consider the ideal plants for your home.  Our decades of gardening experience here in the Issaquah area, allow us to suggest the ideal plants that will thrive in your area.  Customers living in warmer locales (ex. West Seattle, Mercer Island, near Lake Sammamish) may be encouraged to consider shrubs that those at higher elevations (ex. North Bend, Snoqualmie, top of Somerset) will have more difficulty growing. Let our team share our local knowledge with you.

Come wander the paver pathways on the terrace at Squak Mt, to pick the ideal shrubs and vines for your landscape today.