Click here to view the 2024 Roses offered by Squak Mt. (PDF format. Two pages, scroll down to view both pages of the PDF.)

Roses are one of the most timeless flowering plants you can enjoy. The intoxicating fragrance, elegant form, lush petals and delightful colors continue to make roses a favorite addition to the garden.

All of the roses in our homegrown rose crop are expertly pruned, potted and fed by our staff.  We use mycorrhizae and premium organic fertilizer to insure the best health for your rose.  Each rose is planted in a large biodegradable pot, formed of recycled paper pulp.  This is a great place for the roots to form and also makes transplanting roses successfully into your yard quick and easy.  Our staff also has compiled decades of experience to determine which varieties will perform the best in our area.  We take pride in growing roses that are consistently disease resistant and vigorous, even in our cool maritime climate.

In 2023 we have planted over 150 varieties of roses.  Our collection includes climbing, shrub, rugosa, English, hybrid tea, floribunda, grandiflora, ground cover, species, native and tree roses.  Squak Mt. Nursery has been selected as a Premier Partner of David Austin Roses in our region, allowing us to grow varieties many other nurseries cannot obtain.

Our staff would enjoy the opportunity to share with you the best ways to integrate roses throughout your landscape.  Come select your favorites so that you may enjoy their intoxicating fragrance and full-petaled lush flowers in your own garden.