Perennials & Herbs

Yearly visitors to your garden scene are the perennials.  Plant them once and they will bloom again each succeeding year.  The joy of perennials in the garden is in watching them grow from tender sprouts to full bloomed glory.  Since each perennial has it own flowering time during the growing season, you can plant your garden to have a succession of different flowers blooming all season long.  The field of styles is huge.  From the ground hugging, sweet smelling woodruff of early spring to the majestic spires of delphinium in summer to the gargantuan leaves of bears breech in fall, perennials offer a treasury of possibilities for your garden.

A specialized perennial are the herbs.   These are usually grown for their medicinal, cosmetic or culinary properties, but can be used as landscape plants.   Traditional use finds them in knot gardens or kitchen gardens.  But herbs happily join other plants throughout the landscape and in containers.

Perennials and herbs are available year round at Squak Mt Nursery.   Selected from reliable farms here in the NW, they often arrive as they are beginning to show their blooming stage.  This way you can best see what the plant will look like when it is in your garden.  You will be able to judge the flower color and form and the character of the foliage.  A bonus of perennials is they become grander with each succeeding year.   Herbs are also available year round and entice with their beautiful greens and enticing scents.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available to answer questions and propose ideas for adding aroma and beauty to your garden with herbs and perennials.