Evergreen State, Emerald City…this is where we garden!   Building a garden with natives brings the rewards of easy care and low water demands.  A native garden will attract local wildlife including birds and butterflies.  And using natives can satisfy municipalities governing the repair of damaged lands.

The lists and categories of natives we rub elbows with here in the Puget Sound area are countless.  Add to that the native cultivars, plants that have been hybridized to improve appearance and function.  Take the rhododendron.  They are easy to spot in the spring as gangly shrubs blooming in the forest edges.  Hybridized from natives and those collected from around the world, the vast world of garden rhododendrons flourish in our gardens today.

At Squak Mountain Nursery we carry a wonderful variety of native and native cultivar trees, shrubs, roses, ground covers and more.  In our natural setting, you will also be able to see how natives and non-natives complement each other.