Ground Cover

The finishing touch for a garden is likely to be something that is not immediately noticed. But, ground cover can bring a natural ring to the surroundings, usurping the bark mulch with a tapestry of colors and textures. Velvety moss loves the moist spots, chunky sedums bask in hot, dry locations and cotoneaster (bearberry) creeps along sharing dainty flowers in spring and red berries in summer and fall.

Ground covers by habit make a surface that gives little room for other plants to grow. There are even ground covers that can withstand foot traffic. For areas rarely traversed by foot, the potential candidates explode! They can be virtually flat to knee-high. Ground covers add interest between pavers, suppress weeds, and offer erosion control.

Squak Mt Nursery’s ground cover selection performs useful functions in the landscape, and adds color and texture. See us for the solution for your landscape.