Growing sod grass to form unbroken swaths of green is a sight we are familiar with here in the NW.  Many hours are spent manicuring the slim blades to create that verdant vision. But there is another kind of grass that has joined our gardens in the last couple decades – ornamentals.

Ornamental grasses are bunch grasses. They grow in clumps or bunches with the look of a single plant.  Variety in size, shape, height and color is broad.  Some are low and round like blue fescue; others are tall and striped like zebra grass. The blooms of grasses are an important feature. Fox tails, plumes, spikes, fountains, bottlebrush are just some of the descriptors. Ornamental grass brings instant textural and sculptural qualities to your garden.

Most ornamental grasses are perennials coming up from their roots in the spring.  Others are evergreen. Favorite grasses here at Squak Mt include: Black Mondo Grass, Japanese Forest Grasses, and Carex.

Visit Squak Mountain Nursery for a wide selection of premium ornamental grasses to enhance your garden landscape. Bamboo plants and lawn seed are also available.