Fruit Trees

Our complete list of Fruit trees offered at Squak Mt 2024. (PDF format, click to open. Two pages, scroll down to view both pages of the PDF.)

Crisp apples, sweet cherries and mouth-watering peaches can all be harvested from your own yard.

Using our 40+ years of local expertise, our staff identifies varieties that will thrive in our wet, cool Puget Sound climate.

Disease resistance, reliable yields and tasty fruits are key benefits of selecting varieties featured at Squak Mt.
We also include some exciting new introductions to delight your taste buds!

Visit Squak Mt. today and begin growing delicious, healthy fruit for your family’s table.

ApplesMore than a dozen varieties. Including Cosmic Crisp a new favorite with good disease resistance!


Cherries – Sweet and tart (for pies)




PearsAsian and European varieties


PlumsJapanese and European varieties



Combination Fruit TreesMore than one variety on a single trunk (for example 4 varieties of pears on one tree!)

Columnar and “Mini Dwarf” forms – Ideal for containers

Espaliered formsTrained to grow flat, such as against a sunny fence or wall

persimmon           plums

*Photos Courtesy of Dave Wilson Nursery