Bulbs & Seeds


Looking for something easy to plant that requires little to no maintenance? Flower bulbs are perfect. Planted in a garden landscape, border or in containers, they add a splash of brilliant color in your yard. The best part is you just dig a hole, plop the bulb in root side down, add some fertilizer and cover it with dirt. Then nature takes its course and all you have to do is wait. One day you will look out to see tulips, crocus, or lily stems pushing out of the ground and soon after brilliant, showy blooms follow.

For spring color you need to plant in the fall before the ground freezes but after the weather has cooled down some. September and October are ideal months to plant your tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths and other spring blooming bulbs.

For summer color you will want to plant bulbs in the spring. These bulbs include dahlias of all sizes and colors, crocosmia, cannas and lilies. Squak Mountain has a great selection to represent both seasons of flower bulbs.  Our spring bulbs are available for sale starting in late August, while the summer bulbs are available by February.

We also feature Christmas flower bulbs. Paper whites and Amaryllis are available by the beginning of October for you to begin forcing indoors. Consider bulbs as wonderful addition of colorful blooms to your home and garden.


Growing your garden from seeds is rewarding as you can enjoy the wonder of watching life emerge from the seed, and the plant develop to maturity. At Squak Mt. we carry a large selection of quality seeds, including many organic varieties. We have vegetable, herb and flower seeds available from January to July.

Like any plant or flower, seeds require some diligence and patience on your part.  Some vegetable seeds need to be started indoors with good quality seedling soil in order for you to get a harvest from the plants later in the summer. Since we recommend waiting until Mothers Day to put out any summer annuals or vegetables, be aware that many seeds will need to be started in doors up to 10 weeks prior to that. Squak Mt. has everything that you need to be successful with your seed grown garden, from garden inoculant to seed heating mats and soil mix for seeds.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is eager to share our local expertise, as you grow vegetables and flowers from seed.