Grown in our greenhouses here in Issaquah, all our annuals are selected for beauty and their ability to thrive in NW gardens.  We also introduce each year the latest varieties in flowers for your garden that we judge will be the most successful in our climate.  Annuals are usually sold in color; somewhere in the blooming stage.  When you plant a flowering annual it will immediately bring color to your garden and continue to do so through the season.


Annuals are plants that complete their growing cycle within one year.  From seed germination to bloom to seed production, an annual is a one growing season wonder.  For continuous bloom some flowers are self cleaning such as impatiens and others need to be deadheaded such as fuchsias.  If you visit the greenhouses in winter and early spring you will be able to watch as the different flowers grow from cuttings, plugs or seeds into market ready blooming geraniums, bacopa, begonias, petunias, lobelias, and many more.

Selecting annuals from our greenhouses at Squak Mt Nursery gives you the freshest annuals possible.  Grown local, you select your favorites from our growing tables.  We are renowned for our selection of hanging baskets in spring and summer.  Each season our talented greenhouse team has a new crop of beautiful annuals ready to bring color to your containers and planting beds.  Come select yours today.