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It’s summer in Washington and the sun is out, the birds are chirping and we all have excess time to do all those random gardening projects we’ve been wanting to do, like starting an herb garden! Squak Mt. Nursery has a superb herb selection to choose from so now is a great time to get that kitchen garden going just in time for Fall feasts. Chances are however, you may already have an herb garden going. In either case, we would love to give you some information about some of the herb powerhouses that grow well in our climate.


The spotlight herb of the week is Oregano!


Oregano may produce only thoughts of Italian food and savory sauces, but this little herbaceous plant has some hidden talents. For starters oregano is part of the mint family, like many other beloved herbs, and can be utilized in many different ways. Not only is it great to spice up dreary meals, but the compounds in the oils have many medicinal health benefits. According to an article on Healthline.com oregano is considered to be rich in the antioxidants carvacrol and thymol and as we all know, antioxidants could help prevent all kinds of unwanted ailments. It can also be concentrated down into an essential oil to make a lovely aromatic experience that can help unclog stuffy noses as noted by MedicalNewsToday.com. Now if you’re like me and don’t have the time or the space to get a fancy distiller and make your own oils, (maybe one day! A girl can dream…) an easy way to get some health benefits from this little lovely herb is simply by brewing it in some tea. It is distinct, peppery and slightly bitter tasting. The tea is excellent to help soothe a sore throat or help ease digestive issues such as bloating as stated by Healthline.com.


But enough about oregano in the kitchen, let’s also talk about what it brings to your garden. Oregano is a valuable addition to your garden when it comes to attracting pollinators with its beautiful fragrant flowers (which are also pretty to pick and put in salads!). Oregano not only attracts certain beneficial insects to the garden but also repels unwanted pests. West Coast Seeds explains how oregano is an excellent companion plant to have to keep away cabbage moths and to plant it near your Brassicas such as cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage.


All in all we at Squak Mt. hope that we opened your eyes to the magic of oregano. It is treasured for its savory goodness in the kitchen, its usefulness as a holistic medicine, and its benefits for the biology of the garden. Come get your new plant today!

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