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Kitchen Herbs

How many times does a recipe you are making, call for fresh herbs? Usually you either don’t have any since they are out of season, or the herbs you bought last month in the produce aisle are withered and brown.

Now you can have herbs growing in your kitchen year round using our new herb pot. Made in Holland, this unique container is made out of recycled synthetics. The design features an elevated base to aid in aeration and drainage. There is no need to plant your herb in the container, simply drop your potted herb inside.

Each container comes with it’s own pair of tri-blade stainless steel scissors for ease of taking only the amount of herbs you need. These herb containers come in a bright, cheerful lime green and an elegant gray, and there are several sizes to choose from.

Stop by Squak Mt today to pick up your own “kitchen herb container” or purchase one for a food loving friend. Add an herb and you have the perfect gift.



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