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Dreaming of a trip to Hawaii?  Visit Squak Mt Nursery for an introduction to two new perennials, bestowed with tropical Hawaiian names, yet hardy for our maritime climate.


‘Hawaiian Berry’ strawberry with edible fruits has a tropical flavor twist. ‘Maui Buttercups’ hosta brings unique texture to the shady garden.


‘Hawaiian Berry’ New!

Strawberries, especially those grown in our great state, are one of the sweetest ways to welcome summer. Squak Mt. is pleased to introduce ‘Hawaiian Berry’ strawberry. This new variety will produce small, pale apricot colored berries with red seeds. Sound interesting? Well the color isn’t the only fun characteristic of this strawberry.  ‘Hawaiian Berry’ has a subtle taste of sweet, Hawaiian pineapple.  Consider planting this strawberry in a container so you can enjoy easy harvest and the unique berry color as the plant cascades over the rim.  Planting any red strawberry variety in the vicinity will greatly improve berry yields.








‘Maui Buttercups’

Punch up the usual in your shady garden with the new ‘Maui Buttercups’ hosta. Lovely, rounded leaves curl up like a buttercup, while the leathery bright green-yellow foliage has an amazing texture of millions of tiny bumps. While this hosta loves the shade, giving it a bit of bright light will make the leaves a more vibrant yellow. July brings lovely lavender blooms.









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