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Spotlight: Sansevieria

Add striking contemporary beauty in your home with the addition of Sansevieria, commonly known as Snake Plant. We love this houseplant because it is foolproof. Thick, stiff upright leaves shaped like the end of a spear point skyward.  Select the perfect plant based on the appearance you desire in your home or office.  For example on the species zeylanica, leaves are green mottled silver banding.  ‘Laurentii’ features foliage with edges that are a brilliant golden- yellow.

Sansevieria will adapt to any light except direct sunlight.  Superior drought tolerance means even the most scatterbrained gardener can be successful with this beauty. You only need to water it once a month.  Another wonderful benefit is that the snake plant also cleans the air of your home, filtering harmful toxins like formaldehyde, and benzene from the air. At night this (apparently) nocturnal plant will convert carbon monoxide into pure oxygen, making it the perfect bedroom companion.   Come immerse yourself in a wide selection of houseplants in the Garden Shed at Squak Mt. today.

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