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Welcome Princess

Welcome Princess


Welcome exquisite and showy blooms to your garden and dinner table all spring and summer with the addition of Princess Lilies.  Plant in flower beds or containers for beautiful color.  They also make excellent, long lasting cut flowers, allowing you to enjoy them indoors in a vase as well.


Also known as Alstroemeria, these perennials feature continuous blooms from May until first frost.  Their funnel shaped flowers feature unique detailing adding added interest.  We are pleased to offer 8 varieties for your selection, including ‘Letizia’ with deep red blooms and yellow throats, ‘Ivana’ boasting bright pink petals and deep yellow centers, and ‘Fabiana’ showing off creamy yellow blooms.  To achieve non-stop blooms, cut off stems with spent flowers, or make a bouquet with stems in peak bloom. 


Growing about 12 to 15” tall and wide, Princess Lilies prefer full sun or partial sun conditions.  Water regularly during dry spells and encourage your more flowers with our organic ‘Bouquet’ fertilizer.  As a perennial, alstroemeria should return each spring to bring more delight to your garden.  In our area it is wise to mulch them before winter arrives to insure they are protected from any extreme freezes.

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