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Water, Water, Water

Here at Squak Mt Nursery we strive to help you be successful in your garden. So with Summer now here, we want to remind you to WATER, WATER, WATER! Even on our cooler, cloudier days you need to be checking your garden for water. We aren’t getting enough rainfall for it to really soak down to the roots where the plants want water. So everyday check your containers, hanging baskets, flower beds, andlandscaped areas and give them a good long drink with your hose, sprinkler, or soaker hose.

*Larger plants like trees that have just been planted in the last year will benefit from a hose placed at the base and given a long, slow trickle for at least an hour.

*Established plants (like roses, hydrangeas and large shrubs) will need water too and can be watered with a hose at the base or a soaker hose. Just remember, a slow trickle over a long period of time (1 hr. at least) will do the trick.

*Containers, hanging baskets (including moss), and super pots water with a hose and when water is pouring out the bottom you are good. There are alot of flowers in there and they all want a drink!

*To keep your hanging baskets, containers, and flower beds of annuals blooming prolifically all summer use 20-20-20 water soluable plant food (which we sell) at least once a week. Your annuals will benefit and will go gangbusters right up until the first frost in October.

As always if you have any questions our friendly staff is here to answer them. Give us a call 425-392-1025. Stop by Monday-Saturday 9AM-6PM. Closed Sundays. Send an email and we will get back to you. staff@squakmtnursery.com



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