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Triple Season Stunner







Q: What do you get when you cross a prolific spring blooming Bergenia and the spectacular leaves and fall color of a Mukdenia? A: Mukgenia ‘Nova Flame’! (It’s true, we can’t make this stuff up.)

We are rapidly falling for this new hybrid plant, Mukgenia, as we experience its beauty across the seasons. In the spring the sweet pink spike blooms (like Bergenia) pop up above the jagged green leaves (like Mukdenia). As the spring season segues into summer, the unique texture of the leaves adds garden interest. In fall crimson red begins to seep across the leathery green foliage, bringing the festive feel of fall to your garden.

Grow this beauty in a container or as a low, mass planting for a border. ‘Nova Flame’ grows only 8” high and 14” wide. Hardy even out in North Bend, this perennial stunner can be planted in any situation from full sun to all shade, just provide well drained soil. Thanks to it’s sturdier leaves Mukgenia ‘Nova Flame’ will provide you with it’s unique fall color later into the season before dying back for the winter.



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