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The Distylium Files

Welcome an all new shrub: Distylium, part of the witch hazel family







Distylium ‘Linebacker’

H: 8-10’ W: 6-8’


Foliage: Evergreen, attractive medium size dark green, leathery leaves. New growth emerges red. Good deer resistance.


Exposure: Full Sun or Partial Shade. Tolerates drought, heat and wet clay soils.


Blooms: Petite red flowers in winter.


Uses: A low maintenance shrub , use ‘Linebacker’ to create screens or as a backdrop in landscapes. Great alternative to laurel, boxwood or junipers. Exceptional disease and insect resistance.


Hardiness: “Zone 7”, hardy to 0 to 10F – We anticipate that this plant will show some damage on leaves if exposed to harsh, cold wind on the higher foothills around Issaquah. In protected locations in the garden, and locations closer to Lake Sammamish it should look lush through winter. This is a new plant “genus” in our area, so we will be learning with you.

In addition to ‘Linebacker’ we have ‘Vintage Jade’ distylium which features similar attributes in a different form


Distylium ‘Vintage Jade’

H: 2-3’ W: 4-5’


Uses: Spreading habit, terrific as a low ground cover.


Add care free evergreen beauty to your landscape today with new arrivals from Squak Mt.




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