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Thawing Out

As we begin to thaw out from the Arctic Blast we experienced over the past week be checking your plants for water. But wait, there is the perfect storm of when to check: 40 degrees. That’s when the roots will have woken up. But even then, because we experienced such a deep freeze for so long you may need to wait till the soil warms up. How do I tell if the soil is warm? If it is easily workable in your fingers. Everything in your garden and pots is not going to miraculously thaw at the same time as we get warmer.  So you may need to check more then once. Your pots especially need to have a good, deep drink of water once they are thawed out and the soil is warm.

The weather people are  forecasting rain over the next few days but whether or not it will be enough for your plants to get a good drink is questionable.  A shower here and there probably won’t be enough. And since this freeze is not being followed by a Pineapple Express (lots of warm air accompanied by copius amounts of rain) watering by hand may be your best bet.

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