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Squak Mt’s Open House

Since 1986 Squak Mt has thrown open it’s doors on the first Saturday of December for our Open House. Open was started to help kick off the Holiday season showcasing our crop of beautiful home grown poinsettias, our holiday gift shop and our beautiful cut Christmas trees. On the day of the open house we also wanted to show our appreciation for our customers by treating them to homemade cookies, hot apple cider, and hot coffee. It was such a success that we have carried on this festive holiday tradition every year since then.  Here is a peek into Squak Mt Holiday Open Houses then and now.

Then: Our Holiday Gift Shop was in the front of our glass greenhouse. There were only 5 decorated theme trees.

Now…Our Garden Shed (which we openend in November 1999. Just in time for the holidays) is decked out in the holiday spirit from wall to wall. This year we will have 13 theme trees.

Then….We would have homemade cookies for our guests. Becky made the biggest quantity of cookies every year. Her kids coming home the week of the open house to tins of cookies piled everywhere. For years her mother-in-law Florrie, mother Louise, and aunt-in-law Alice also helped out by contributing their delicious home made goodies.

Now….We buy all the cookies from a family run bakery in Bellevue. They use real butter. Need we say more.

Then….There was a forest of cut Christmas trees in the parking lot. Tied on the customers car by strapping high school or college  aged boys. Most of them friends of the owners  sons. We liked the man power. They liked the free cookies, cider and homemade chicken noodle soup served to the employees that day.

Now…We still have a forest of beautiful, cut Christmas trees in our parking lot. These ones are also tied on the car by strapping grown men.

Then….Our greenhouse was filled with home grown red, white and pink poinsettias.

Now…Our greenhouse is filled with home grown red, white and pink poinsettias.

Then…We gave out helium balloons to all the little kids.

Now…We no longer give out balloons to the little kids.

Then…Running out of cookies meant we had a great day.

Now…Running out of cookies still means we had a great day.

Then…We would flock a cut tree for you.

Now…We don’t flock a cut tree for you. Sorry folks, the ’80s are over.

Then…The Pommer’s could set their clock by the arrival of the MacKenneys’, the parents of a good friend of the Pommers’ youngest son, they came every year at the same time of day.

Then…The Pommer’s can still set their clock to the precise time the MacKenney’s will be here the morning of Open House. We love the MacKenneys’.

Then….It was the highlight of the year for our employees. Yes it was cold. Yes it was busy. But seeing and serving happy, satisfied customers made us happy.

Now….It is still the highlight of the year for all of us. And it’s still cold and still busy. We love seeing our customers come in season after season,  year after year. Just like the MacKenneys. You all are what makes us a thriving garden center. Thank you!

{Please join us on Saturday December 7 for Squak Mt’s Open House 2013. We can’t wait to see you. }

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