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‘Spring Royalty’

Think light, color and brightness that will catch the eye and have you thinking of spring.

The Thriller: The height of the pot that provides a vertical accent and backdrop to lower plants.

1 Blueberry ‘Cabernet Splash’: Wine purple new growth provides unique interest to this northern highbush blueberry. White blooms in spring followed by delicious medium sized blueberries. Grows 4′ x 4′ W. Likes sun.

The Fillers:  A mixture of foliage textures and flower colors will fill the body of the pot in a mid to low range of heights.

1 Tete a Tete Daffodil: A shorter daffodil that is ideal for a container. Spiky foliage adds vertical lift. Warm yellow flowers begin blooming about February to March.

3 Primroses: Pick your favorite colors from our plants grown here at Squak Mountain. This plant loves the cooler temperatures of late winter and early spring.

2 Erysimum Sugar Rush: One of our February Feature Plants. Pick your favorite color. This is a fluffy upright grower that will be covered in sweetly scented flowers during the cooler weather of late winter and spring.

1 Hellebore Pink Frost : the extreme flower performer of the hellebores will be covered with lovely pink and cream flowers from February until May. The foliage is evergreen and will provide year-round structure in a container. The height will soften the transition from low flowering plants to the taller cypress. As it grows over the pot edge it will add a softening effect to the container.

3 Bellis,English Daisy: Soft low foliage with pom pom flowers in white, pinks, and red. A cheerful pop of color we enjoy each spring. Try one of each color.

The Spillers: These are the plants that will cascade over the edge of your container and trail down the pot.

1 Vinca Maculata, Big Leaf Vinca: A strong growing evergreen trailer that will travel 3’ down the pot. Just trim it off at the point where you wish to keep it if that is too long. This plant has lovely periwinkle blue flowers in April and May. Maybe even sooner this year as our winter has been warm.

1 Iberis, Candy tuft: a wonderful softly rounded evergreen plant that covers itself in white flowers from March until the end of May. As it grows it will softly mound over the container edge.

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