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Spring Fireworks

Spring Fireworks


Create your own striking contemporary floral arrangement next year, by planting an ornamental onion bulb today. Planting bulbs in the fall for spring bloom has long been a favorite of gardeners. We often picture drifts of tulips in pastel colors or cheerful daffodils announcing the coming of spring.  Allium schubertii produces a bloom that can best be described as an exploding firework reaching 12” in diameter.  Rose purple florets radiate outward from the bloom’s center.  In addition to adding intrigue and interest to the garden, these blooms dry easily on the stalk. When cut they will create a fun, conversation starting floral arrangement in your home.


Plant your allium bulb about 6” deep in well-drained soil. The location needs to receive 6 or more hours of sun in summer. Next spring strappy leaves will merge first.  The foilage will begin to wither when the bulb begins to bloom.  For this reason we advise planting alliums in a mixed bed, where the foliage of other plants will disguise the aging leaves.  Schubertii blooms on stalks about 1-2’ tall in late spring.  Consider inter planting with Sedum, Hardy Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’ or Lamb’s Ear ‘Helen von Stein’ to create striking contrasts with color and texture in the garden.


Alliums are easy to grow, deer and rabbit resistant and they naturalize. That means they will return each spring to bring more color and interest to your garden beds.





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