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Shady Garden Lady

Finding a beautiful, flowering perennial for the shady garden can be hard. It can be particularly challenging if you don’t want the deer population of your neighborhood to use your landscape for their daily bread. Enter the amazing evergreen perennial hellebore. A perennial garden favorite here at Squak Mt Nursery, we are pleased to introduce a new variety ‘Conny’.


This winter and early spring blooming perennial boasts beautiful blooms to brighten the shadiest parts of your yard. ‘Conny’ boasts bright white single flowers with dense burgundy spotting on the face. Lush, rounded leaves have a delicate serrated edge. ‘Conny’ gives you weeks of beautiful blooms that the deer will stay away from.


Blooming from February to April, this shade loving lady will give bright color to dark garden areas. As her blooms fade, the leaves remain their lovely green. Staying rather petite she will grow to be about 2’ tall. Oh and did we mention she can tolerate the cold winds of Snoqualmie and North Bend? Come by Squak Mt this spring to check out ‘Conny’ and our other beautiful hellebores. See you soon!




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