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‘Scented Holidays’ Squak Mt.’s 2022 Winter Container Recipe

The fresh scent of rosemary heralds the arrival of the holiday season in this container recipe created for you by the designers at Squak Mt. Festive tones of red and white, found in berries, blooms and leaves bring cheer on the rainiest winter days. A variety of textures from lacy to bold add more interest to this design. You will also be delighted to discover that the blooms on the hellebores, heuchera and rosemary are all valued by hummingbirds as a food source in upcoming seasons.

All of the plants in our recipe will be happy on your porch or patio throughout winter regardless of the sun exposure. When summer arrives, some of the plants in this pot may need to find a permanent home in your landscape, as there are varied light needs. The plants in our design are displayed together at Squak Mt. to make it quick and easy for you to select them. Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist in modifying the recipe for any size pot. The quantities, as shown, fit a container approximately 14-16” in diameter.

A. Rosemary ‘Arp’
1 plant
A wonderful aromatic herb that is prized for culinary use. This evergreen plant is very cold hardy (to -10F), and features narrow leaves on an upright habit. Pale blue blooms in summer. Loves sun and good drainage. Can grow 3-4’ tall unpruned.

B. Hellebores ‘Champion’
1 plant
Rosy pink buds open to creamy white blooms in late winter. These evergreen perennials, known as the Lenten Rose, are very durable through cold, rain and snow! Grows 8-12” tall and 18-24” wide. For shade or partial sun. Deer and rabbit resistant.

C. Heuchera ‘Fire Alarm’
1 plant
Large scalloped leaves are bright
red in cooler temperatures. This is the brightest red heuchera (also called coral bells) variety. An evergreen perennial growing to 6”H x 14”W. Airy, upright blooms in summer. Performs well in almost any light condition.

D. Wintergreen
(Gaultheria procumbens)
2 plants
Bright red berries bring winter interest to this slow spreading evergreen ground cover. Small bell shaped blooms in summer. Extract from this plant is used to flavor chewing gum, tea and much more. Best in shade or partial sun. Grows 4-6” tall.

E. Dusty Miller
1 plant
Silvery white, lacy leaves. This annual thrives in cooler temperatures. May not survive
a deep freeze. Best in sun or
partial sun.

F. Vinca major ‘Variegata’
2 plants
Evergreen ground cover with green leaves edged in white. Purple blooms in late spring. Thrives
in partial sun, but tolerant of most any exposure.

G. Tassel Fern
(Polystichum polyblepharum)
1 plant
Evergreen fern featuring lacy fronds. 18-24” H & W.

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