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‘Rustic Winter’ 2016 Winter Container











Red tones, rich green and splashes of white combine in our exclusive winter recipe. The designers at Squak Mt. have created this design to look vibrant through the coldest days of winter.  Plant our ‘Rustic Winter’ container combination on your front porch to welcome family and friends as you celebrate the holidays together.


All of the plants in our design are grouped together at Squak Mt. to make it quick and easy for you to select them. Our friendly staff would be pleased to assist in modifying the recipe for any size pot. The quantities in this recipe fit a container approximately 14-16” in diameter. Our designers have also pre-planted pots, so that you may take a ‘Rustic Winter’ container home complete, and ready to enjoy.

If you desire to leave this combination intact for the spring and summer months, place the container in a location receiving morning sun and afternoon shade. Light exposure is of no concern during the winter.


  1. ‘Scallywag’ Holly-1 plant: Upright shrub with a dense, rounded form. Shiny dark green leaves take on purple tones in the fall and winter, accenting burgundy stems. Evergreen, slow growing, very hardy and disease resistant. Grows to 4’ tall by 3’ wide.
  2. ‘White Mein Hertz’ Ivy – 1 plant: Elegant green and cream variegation softens the edges of your container as it spills over the edge.
  3. ‘Ivory Prince’ Hellebore – 1 plant: A super hardy evergreen shade loving perennial, ‘Ivory Prince’ blooms all fall and winter. Beautiful pink buds will open to a lovely creamy white flower. The jagged green leathery leaves sport a silvery cast.
  4. ‘Rainbow’ Leucothoe – 1 plant: A beautiful, tricolor evergreen shrub with red stems. White, green, and pink foliage arch gracefully to add striking color to a shady area.
  5. Red Twig Dogwood-1 plant: Upright, vivid red stems on this easy care deciduous shrub. Consider twining battery operated LED light strings through the stems to welcome guests to your home.
  6. Hart’s Tongue Fern-1 plant: An evergreen, hardy fern. Bright green leathery strap like foliage has a whimsical wavy edge.
  7. Cyclamen-3 plants: Choose from red, pink, lavender or white. Protect from frost.  



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