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Royal Red Honeycrisp Are Here!

Fresh, local apples are one of the delights of autumn. Our family enjoys an occasional road trip east of the mountains, and if the opportunity arises, we always stop for a crate of fresh apples from an orchard’s road stand. Wouldn’t it be a joy to enjoy a bountiful harvest of apples from your own backyard?

Honeycrisp has become the hottest new apple introduction in many years. The sweet flavor and crisp texture have made it a popular crop to grow in orchards in Eastern Washington. Fortunately, Honeycrisp also has good disease resistance, allowing us to successfully grow it in our wet Puget Sound climate. In 2020 Squak Mt. introduced the Washington state exclusive apple, ‘Cosmic Crisp’, as part of our fruit tree crop. A cross between Honeycrisp and Enterprise, it features great disease resistance and a fantastic balance of sweet and tart flavor. Despite having a large quantity to offer, they sold out quickly last year.

Royal Red Honeycrisp‘ is our new introduction for 2021! This is a sport (a chance discovery in a Columbia basin orchard) of Honeycrisp, featuring the same great flavor as its parent. The rich vibrant red color of its skin makes it distinct and attractive, and is touted for its ability to be stored longer than the original.

At Squak Mt we pride ourselves on the wide variety of fruit trees we offer, all great options for our maritime climate. We have a deep selection of ‘Royal Red Honeycrisp’, ‘Cosmic Crisp’ and ‘Honeycrisp’ apples for your selection today.

All fruit trees (apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches and more!), including these exciting new varieties, are available in our Bare Root tree sale, saving you 25% on all bare root trees through March 27th. While supplies last.

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