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Poinsettias….16,000 of them

Squak Mt’s home-grown poinsettias are famous for their long lasting blooms, bright, beautiful color, and durable quality.  Planted in our greenhouses in early July (!), our team has been providing expert care to insure the perfect form, color and health of your poinsettias.









2014 brings an exciting new poinsettia variety to our growing benches here at Squak. Joining all the old favorites such as Marbella, Christmas Day Red, and Wintersun is ‘Candlelight White’. This poinsettia features creamy white bracts with the barest hint of yellow. Much like a candlelit room, the warm white of this poinsettia would look stunning massed together in the corner of a room or mixed in with some of our brilliant reds or pinks.










Our poinsettias are available for your selection today. Come early to enjoy the greenhouse in full, spectacular color and to pick out your favorites.




















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