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Planting Begonias From Tubers

Vibrant flowers on glossy green leaves glow beguilingly on one of summer’s best blooms. Tuberous Begonias provide beautiful color for filtered shade locations in the garden. This year we are excited to introduce a fragrant begonia called ‘Odorata White’ boasting luscious white blossoms with pink tones, and a sweet rose like scent

February and March are the ideal months to start your tuberous begonia indoors. Squak Mt will have ‘Odorata’ plus many other beautiful begonias to choose from.  Here are easy steps to planting a tuberous begonia.

  1. Fill a container (6” or bigger would work wonderfully) with moist potting soil and a tablespoon of our ‘Bouquet’ fertilizer.
  2. Nestle the tuber, hollow side up, firmly in the dirt.  The top of the tuber should not be lower than the soil level.
  3. Place in a sunny, warm window. When soil is dry to the touch, give it a drink of water.
  4. In mid May plant the tuber outdoors in a filtered shade location.  Amend the soil with compost and another tablespoon of Bouquet fertilizer.
  5. Water when the soil is dry.
  6. When it begins to bloom switch to a water soluble fertilizer and fertilize at least once a week to promote health and bloom.
  7. When your begonia has died back in autumn, lift the tuber out of the ground, nestle it in some sawdust and store in the garage.  Ready to grow again next spring…


Ruffled Red Begonia


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