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Pennisetum ‘Red Head’


‘Seeing Red’ is a term commonly linked to an angry reaction to something. But when it comes to the garden, seeing red means the arrival of autumn’s delights.  In this season red is enjoyed  in changing leaves and crisp apples.

 Come to Squak Mt this fall and you will be seeing red all over. We are especially excited about a new ornamental grass that brings vivid color to your landscape. Pennisetum ‘Red Head’ has bronzy red foxtail plumes that appear in late August to early September, providing striking interest in the fall garden.  Since ‘Redhead’ flowers earlier than other pennisetums, it makes a great companion for coneflowers, black-eyed susans and other late summer bloomers. This perennial fountain grass is easy to grow with arching green leaves that reach 4’ x 3’.  ‘Red Head’ thrives in sun and well-drained soil.

 Fall is the perfect time to enjoy ornamental grasses at Squak Mt.  Come see them in their full glory, and enjoy 25% savings during our fall sale.

Redhead-ftn-grass rehead


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