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Open to serve you (updated 5/14)

(Updated 5/14/21)

Our scenic ten acre nursery is open to serve you. Come take a Squak stroll today and enjoy fresh air and beautiful plants!

Store hours are posted here.

If you are fully vaccinated you do NOT need to wear a mask.  (We ask all other guests to please wear a mask.)

We are accepting credit/debit card, check and cash payments.

Update for spring!

We have designed our store layout for your convenience, enjoyment and optimal community safety.

  • Our Garden Shed features wider aisles and a one way flow.  Fresh air is provided by open doors, twenty foot ceilings and a roof mounted exhaust fan.  Your feet will stay toasty on our heated floor!
  • Our controlled customer spacing at cash registers continue to be in place.
  • Hand sanitizer is available near checkouts.
  • Cashiers and customers continue to be separated by Plexiglas barriers, and credit card readers are placed at a safe distance.
  • There are multiple entrances into the shrub and perennial areas. (As you have been accustomed to, prior to the health crisis.)
  • Our Nursery checkout building (the “White building”) is a large barn structure with open side walls.  Plenty of space and airflow to pick out your favorite flowers and landscape plants.
  • Our vast airy greenhouse has plenty of space for you to select seeds and seed starting supplies.
  • Of course, we have healthy plants for you to select and enjoy in our outdoor nursery  including perennials, herbs, shrubs, trees, grasses, ground covers and more.




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