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On Their Way..Poinsettias & {Holiday Decor}

Well, they are on their way…yep our 2014 crop of home grown poinsettias have been planted, pinched back, and that means we are well under way to being ready for the Holiday season. Now all we have to do is water, maintain health, and wait until October when the first signs of color begin to emerge. Oh, and they will need to be spaced in about a month, and we will send in a few more soil samples to the lab to make sure the soil is promoting a healthy poinsettia. At times it seems to move so slowly. But before we know it the greenhouses will be a riot of red, white and pink poinsettias; our wonderful customers will come in and buy them for their holiday decor and it will be over. Then we will begin to plan and order for our 2015 poinsettia crop.

And while the poinsettias are being babied along we are getting our holiday decor in for the Garden Shed, which wil be transformed (with 10+themed trees) into a Holiday Wonderland beginning on Nov. 1. Beginning in October you will walk in and see the shop being transformed from everyday to holiday magic….

Yes…it does seem like we have Christmas and the holidays on the brain all year long. Or at least in the back of the brain…












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