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New! Super Dwarf Tomatoes

New! Super Dwarf Tomatoes

You can grow delicious, full flavored tomatoes in containers or compact garden spaces when you discover our series of Super Dwarf tomatoes. Traditionally tomato varieties can be separated into categories of ‘determinate’ and ‘indeterminate’ types.

A determinate or bush tomato stops growing when it delivers one large crop of fruit, typically at a compact height. Indeterminate plants continue to grow all summer long, resulting in tall plants and a long harvest season.

Super Dwarfs bring the long-lasting harvest season of an indeterminate tomato, all on a conveniently compact plant that reaches only about 36” tall. Super Dwarfs are ideal for growing in a large pot on your patio. These varieties also are quick to mature in the range of 58 to 70 days, making them good matches for our cool maritime climate.

Our homegrown crop includes these Super Dwarf varieties:

Large purple fruit with intense heirloom flavor

‘Perth Pride’
Full flavor on deep purple round fruit

‘Sean’s Yellow Dwarf’
Bright yellow fruit with delicious flavor

‘Iditarod Red’
Juicy red fruit for salads or salsa!

‘Rosella Purple’
Full intense flavor similar to Cherokee Purple

‘Tasmanian Chocolate’
Large mahogany full flavored fruits

In addition to our new Super Dwarf series, our greenhouses are also growing crops of your traditional favorites (ex. Sun Gold and Early Girl) and a lineup of super-charged, grafted tomatoes. Specialty tomato crops (Super Dwarf and grafted) are growing in our greenhouses today, and are scheduled to be ready for you around May 14th.


  1. Hetty N Watters

    I love Squak!
    We all do here at Providence Point!
    I have been using cozy coats or tomato tpees for many years!
    They work well to allow tomatoes to be planted many weeks earlier than without these “mini greenhouses”
    I believe you might sell many because many folks at Providence Point’s “P” patch want them!

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