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New! Popsicle Pokers

New! Popsicle Pokers

Cooling off with popsicles on a scorching hot day is a cherished treat for our greenhouse crew here at Squak Mt. Nursery. Mimicking the lively colors of this frozen dessert is our new series of ‘Popsicle’ Kniphofias. Kniphofia is better know as the “red hot poker plant” and loves to be planted in full sun. This durable perennial has strappy green leaves at the base of its dramatic flower spikes. Unlike most Kniphofia that bloom once briefly each summer, the ‘Popsicle’ series repeat blooms all summer and well into fall. They are drought tolerant and critter resistant, making them very easy to care for in your garden. The tube like blooms also make Kniphofia very popular for hummingbirds!

Three bloom colors are available at Squak Mt. today:

Mango Popsicle
Features soft orange tubular flowers on slender stems. A compact grower, it reaches about 18” in maturity.

Papaya Popsicle
Mimics the soft orange of a ripe papaya. Papaya Popsicle has coral-orange blooms and will get only 12” tall. Also great grown in containers.

Red Hot Popsicle
This variety in the popsicle series
features cinnamon red flowers on slender stems. Matures at 18”.

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