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New! Mt. Aso

Fuzzy pink catkins in winter add color and textural interest before the deep green leaves arrive on the Japanese pink pussy willow ‘Mt. Aso’. They are a joy to watch emerge in our coldest months and invite you to touch their unique exterior, which resembles a cute cat paw. Amazingly, the “fur” is protecting the flower inside from the cold of winter. The branches of this vigorous shrub can be cut early in the season and brought indoors so that you can enjoy them in your home for many weeks! Just place the branches in water and place your vase near a window. Change the water regularly and enjoy watching the flowers and even leaves emerge. You will soon see why Mt. Aso is becoming very popular in the florist trade.

Mt. Aso can grow 6-10’ tall and wide, depending on how sharply you prune it back. You can elect to prune them to within 6” of the ground, just after flowering, if you desire a compact plant with very straight branches. As with all willows, Mt. Aso thrives in full or partial sun and will tolerate very wet, poor draining soils if necessary.

We also feature French pussy willow (silver catkins), weeping pussy willow trees and golden corkscrew willow. The best selection of these winter interest plants can be found today at Squak Mt.
See you soon!

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