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New! Marble Hellebores

Winter’s most profuse bloomer now boasts appealing foliage patterns in our new “Marble Collection” of hellebores. Over the past two decades a dazzling array of new varieties has been added to the hellebores family. We all love their long lasting winter flowers, evergreen foliage, extreme cold hardiness and resistance to deer and rabbits.

The Ice N’ Roses hellebores series is renowned for plants that are vigorous and boast extra-large upright blooms that are showy in the garden. The new Marble hellebores are the latest addition to the Ice N’ Roses series, adding stunning foliage with vivid veining and marbling. When these sturdy perennials are done blooming, they will continue to feature interesting foliage throughout the year.

The bloom time for the Marble Collection is typically from February to May, flowering well into spring. They have red stems upon which the flowers are held. Bloom colors range from pure white to rose-pink as well as deep reds and even some with picotee edges. Hellebores are also a good source of pollen for pollinators in the winter garden. They make an excellent addition to any container or a border visible from the house in winter. Traditionally, hellebores have been promoted as shade loving perennials, but these marble hybrids will also flourish in sunny spots. They grow in a mound and will vary in height between 12-24”.

Now featuring these beautiful Marble Helleborus at Squak Mt.

White with light purple picotee

Rose blush


White with dark purple picotee

Ruby picotee

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