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Magical Magnolia ‘Genie’

New! Magnolia ‘Genie’

Enchanting tulip shaped blooms on a compact form make
Genie’ an ideal selection for suburban landscapes. Magnolia ‘Genie’ is a hybrid, combining the prized attributes of compact growth form (M. liliiflora) and saucer shaped blooms (M. soulangeana). Growing to only 10’ high by 5’ wide, Genie is the perfect new introduction for gardeners who love magnolias but don’t have the space in the yard for the standard varieties.

Early spring brings out the gorgeous dark purple-maroon cupped flowers, that bear a light sweet fragrance. Blooms are about 6” across and emerge from attractive black-red buds. Even as the green leaves begin to emerge, the flowers continue to share their charm. When given sufficient sun and water, ‘Genie’ may enchant you with a second, lighter, wave of blooms in summer.
Plant ‘Genie’ as a statement in a garden border in full sun (6 + hours in the summer). Keep them well-watered the first summer and water deeply on hotter days in years that follow.

Deciduous magnolias, like our new ‘Genie’, are easy to care for plants in our area and are not bothered by deer browsing. Other varieties feature white, pink or yellow blooms. Come select your favorites at Squak Mt. today.

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