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NEW! Lemony Lace

Brighten your landscape with a dazzling new arrival from the elderberry (Sambucus racemosa) family.  ‘Lemon Lace’ is a stunning addition to any mixed border in full or partial sun conditions. The finely cut lacy foliage provides beautiful texture, while the golden coloration adds contrast to the garden. Seasonal changes provide additional interest.  In spring leaves emerge with a blush of red.  White blooms in early summer develop into red berries in autumn, which are beloved by wildlife.








Don’t let the delicate name of this deciduous elderberry deceive you. ‘Lemony Lace’ is tolerant of any nearly all soil types.   Deer will skip right over her in favor of other garden snacks.  ‘Lemon Lace’s tough characteristics also include drought tolerance and cold hardiness (to -40F).  This lovely mounding shrub can be added in smaller locations, growing to be only 3’ to 5’ tall and wide.  Add bright color, interesting texture and seasonal interest to your landscape with ‘Lemony Lace’.

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