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New! Knockout Orange Glow

Knockout roses have rightfully earned the reputation of being easy to grow, with exceptional disease resistance and long-lasting, repeat blooms. You have likely enjoyed the bed of red colored Knockout roses on the corner of Front Street and Gilman in Issaquah for many years. Our latest introduction to the Knockout rose family, ‘Orange Glow’, is not to be missed! We have never seen a Knockout in these color tones, with vibrant orange blossoms highlighted with hints of yellow and coral. What Knockout roses lack in fragrance, they more than make up for in blooms.

Orange Glow’ roses are the epitome of flower power, blooming from spring through frost.

This rose can be used in mass plantings, as a hedge, or in a mixed border with perennials, shrubs and other roses. ‘Orange Glow’ is medium-sized, upright and bushy, growing 4½ ft high by 3 ft wide. Water regularly until established, then once it is settled in the landscape, it is very low maintenance. As for pruning, in early spring, simply shear your rose when you see new growth beginning to emerge. Yes, shear it. For us, this is generally after President’s Day. Typically, you will take it back to about 12” in height and expect it to triple the size in the coming season.

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